Artificial Lawns

Why has artificial grass become so popular?

Primarily there are three main groups of people who invest in Lazi Ways lawns artificial grass to replace their lawns, the more mature gardener, working families and pet owners. Whatever the reasons to replace your lawn with artificial grass, a Lazi Ways lawn is simply the best long term garden investment and worthwhile choice you will ever make.

Maturity & Mobility

Lawns are difficult and time consuming to maintain at any time of our life and the older we get the more difficult it becomes. 

Mowing and maintaining the lawn, weeding and manoeuvring wheelie bins are just a few reasons why so many people invest in a maintenance free artificial lawn.

Pet Owners

A very popular reason for investment is to remove and be rid of yellow patches caused by pet urine. 

Virtually impossible to keep green a real lawn has little chance of ever looking healthy. A Lazi Ways pet friendly artificial lawn will resist yellow staining.

Working Families

Very little time if any is devoted to the green space that devours our precious time. The everyday life of young families removes any time to maintain grass. 

By replacing the grass with a Lazi Ways lawn there is always time to play and enjoy the grass with the added benefit of a clean, mud free surface 365 days a year. And precious time with families is priceless.

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